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The Chakra Frequency Bangle

Introducing the unique ergonomic destroyer of negative karma ( by degrees)

chakra navaratna necklace for crystal healing
Quantum scientists and the enlightened Yogis of India explain that the structure of the universe is essentially made of pranic waveform or frequency and that all actions and thoughts have a vibration equilibrium that must return to the source. The rishis explained that the radiating influence of the planets can resonate with the memory or recording of our past good or bad actions to attract the karmic return. The key action and concept that needs to be understood is “resonation.”

Imagine an E string on a guitar being plucked and near it is another well-tuned guitar. As the E string on the other guitar feels the sound waves, its E string will also vibrate and “resonate” and make the E note sound.

Paramahansa Yogananda explained that our chakras hold and record our karmic actions and thoughts and that the pattern of present or future return manifestation occurs via “resonating” planetary stimuli on them. Another name for the measured interpretation of this process would be the “Vedic horoscope”. Because all electricity has frequency or waveform, and our physical bodies are dead without it, our true nature is in fact electrical or spiritual and not physical. Hence, when the planetary radiations penetrate our stratosphere then they directly influence the frequency patterns of our electrical body. This influence is the catalyst for magnetically pulling on that “e string” in our electrical body’s karmic pattern.

We all know of someone who has practiced a perfect diet and exercise lifestyle only to be inexplicably struck down by a terrible disease. If the frequency of your electrical body is out of balance due to karmic resonation via planetary stimuli, then this can be the source of the cause. Our electromagnetic frequency based signature or karmic pattern which holds many samskara’s is how our mental outlook and character will resonate to friends, interests, diet, activities and so much more. If our mental, spiritual and physical environment improves or becomes more sattwic, then our electromagnetic signature strengthens because of the beneficial external influences and consequently the effects of weakening or diluted planetary radiations can have much less traction or influence. Correctly made astrological bangles are very powerful sattwic skin touching instruments that supplement and strengthen our electrical body and its frequency based aura and become part of our uplifted intimate electrical more spiritualized mind and body.

Yogananda wrote:

“In any case, it is not the stars themselves that control the happenings in man’s life, but rather his individual karma that, when ripe for fruition, is affected beneficially or adversely by the electromagnetic vibrations of the heavenly bodies. The relation of the stars to the human body and mind is very subtle. The astral forces radiating to the earth from the heavens interact with those in the spinal centers that sustain man’s body: Ignorant man does not realize how body and mind are changed through his good and bad actions, and how his actions affect-positively or negatively-the centers of the spine. Persons whose bodies and minds and material environment are out of order, the result of transgressions of spiritual law, have in harmony between the energies in the spinal centers and those radiating from the twelve signs of the zodiac.”

Sri Yukteswar is recorded in the “Autobiography of a Yogi” as advising Yogananda by saying.

“Just as a house can be fitted with a copper rod to absorb the shock of lightning, so the bodily temple can be benefited by various

chakra frequency bangle

There are interesting scientific parallels between planet’s deeply colored astrological gemstones and the crystal radio receiver. Popular in the early days of radio, the crystal receiver uses only the power of the received radio signal to produce sound, needing no external power, not even a battery. It is named after its most important component, a crystal detector. Originally made from a piece of crystalline mineral such as galena or quartz, this component is now called a diode.

Transpose the logic of this scientific crystal based discovery into astrological gemstones receiving beneficial supplementary planetary radiations, and how ayurvedic astrological crystals can change your electrical body’s karmically pre-determined receptivity to weaker or negative radiations. A planet is well placed in the chart when your electrical body and its consequent mind is able to integrate and receive its full positive and not its diluted negative potency. When it is badly placed, this indicates your electrical body’s inability to opportunistically utilize the positive electromagnetic stimuli. A hundred people in a building will receive the exact same subtle astronomical radiations yet their electrical bodies and mind will all integrate and react to them differently.

The ancient enlightened rishis chose to help mankind by advising deeply colored astrological gemstones and certain pure metal-based instruments can facilitate the electrical body into receiving more of a full spectrum of beneficial electromagnetic supplementation. A gemstone does not tune into the planet’s position in the chart, be it good or bad, but instead strengthens our ability to utilize that planets benign radiations so that they are not diluted by it’s many dimensional locations of weakness or debilitation.

The Chakra frequency bangle has deeply colored crystals that supplement , stimulate and balance the wearers electrical body . This in turn allows the wearer to be less sensitive to EMF, LED and many other less harmonious influences. For more info please review the testimonials page.

At Astrogems we make instruments of electromagnetic supplementation designed to strengthen the waveform signatures of your electrical and karmically receiving body and mind. We have spent 35 years listening carefully to testimonial feedback of individuals who have acquired our bangles and consequently have developed an extensive knowledge of how to make astrological instruments that work. Much has been written on the subject by individuals who have barely made one or two astrological nine-gem bangles.

The Chakras And the path of the yogi mystic

lord shiva with chakras

The human body consists of three “bodies” – physical, astral and causal. These three bodies are joined in the spine at the seven chakras, which are spinning vortexes or wheels of energy (The English word chakra is derived from the Sanskrit “cakram” meaning "wheel" or "circle"). Each of the chakras is associated with a certain color, sound, element, aspect of consciousness and other distinguishing characteristics .

One of the functions of the chakras is to act as “recorders” of all our thoughts and actions from current and past lives, meaning they hold a karmic blueprint of who and how we are likely to be in our next physical incarnation. As the astral body enters the womb at conception, the DNA and karmicly guided life force work together to mold the baby’s form. Karmic seeds of the mental, emotional and spiritual attributes of the child from past lives are planted as well. After conception the spine and brain that is the physical residence of the chakras are the first anatomical parts to develop in the reincarnating child.

The physical body is directly sustained and guided by the electrical life currents of the astral body. Cosmic life energy or prana (Chi in Chinese philosophy) enters the body through the higher chakras, specifically at the Medulla Oblongata (according to Paramahansa Yogananda).descending through the spinal centers and is distributed to the body and senses.

The chakras are mystical subtle cerebro spinal centers and in order to identify, feel and see them the adherent of a consciousness expanding practice usually needs to have developed an advanced interiorization of calm concentration .

To hear and see the chakras one has to practice an advanced meditation technique until a skillful level of interiorization is developed and the common restlessness of mind has been greatly eliminated.

Many claim to have contact with their chakras and feel them. They for the most part are using their imagination as the chakras are a very subtle realm of extraordinary energy not easily penetrated.

By deeper meditation the yogi goes beyond the inner physical sounds and when he passes through the inner astral kingdom he begins to hear the various vibratory sounds of musical quality that come from the vital astral forces they can sound like the bumble bee, flute, harp, gong bell, sea roar and the om vibration of the astral symphony.

Following these sounds the calm mediator learns to locate the centers of life and consciousness. By locating the centers, in time one actually sees them. This achievement ordinarily requires years of meditation under the guidance and blessing of a realized guru. By finally viewing the chakras one ascends the consciousness through them up to the various stages of Samadhi, thus the yogi or advanced mystic from another path has solved the mystery of the spiritual universe that hides behind the physical universe. The benefits that are derived by meditation on the Ajna Chakra (spiritual eye between the eyebrows) cannot be described in words. The adept practitioner will eventually become a Jivan mukta (liberated while living). And acquire all the 8 major and 32 minor Siddhis.

lord shiva with chakras

The spinal energy is divided into two main currents – Ida (descending) and Pingala (ascending). In advanced states of meditation these currents are united into one main ascending current, the Sushumna (KUNDALINI). To attain higher states of consciousness, one must withdraw the cosmic energy from the body and senses into the spine. Through practice of meditation and pranayama (life force control) one can reverse the out going flow of prana (energy) to move up the spine and awaken the chakras to perceive the sounds and colors associated with each spiritual center.

Different thoughts and actions resonate to and are recorded in the consciousness of different chakras. The lower chakras resonate to the more negative, restless, selfish, body-bound tendencies, and the upper chakras are home to selfless, calm, intuitive and positive thoughts. It is through the positive resonation of deeply colored crystals that the chakra frequency bangle works on the waveform pattern of the wearers electrical body. Without electricity we are dead and all electricity has frequency also known as waveform. Hence the crystals modulating and supplementing influence to the wearers electrical body is a passive method for nullifying or mitigating negative attractions which correspond to lower vibratory cycles in the individuals vedic horoscope. Please see more information on the newsletters page of this site or

Through right living, right thinking, right action and most importantly, practice of advanced techniques of pranayama based meditation such as kriya yoga meditation; one becomes more and more finely “tuned” to the chakras. When the energy and consciousness become focused in the highest chakra – the Sahasrara or thousand-petaled lotus – one attains the ultimate bliss state of Samadhi or Cosmic Consciousness. All the Chakras have their intimate connection with the Sahasrara or thousand-petaled lotus centre. Hence this is not included as one among the Shat-Chakras. As it is situated above all the 6 Shat -Chakras. Of the Shat Chakras there are in total fifty petals, rays or vibrations and to the deeply meditating adept each petal has a different astral sound.

There are fifty letters in the alphabet of the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit and this is how the divinely inspired language was formed. As each letter relates to the audio vibration of each petal or emanating yoga Nadi. In the associated chakra graphic each petal has the Sanskrit letter associated with the resonant vibration of that petal or nadi.

Often when we are at our happiest in life and have felt a surging calm power coursing through our consciousness. Such as after a wonderful meditation or from being in the company of a true saint or glorious sunset. This highly enjoyable increase in voltage to our calm brain is an example of a very small increase in kundalini traveling via our chakras upwards. It is in this ongoing development of such consciousness experiences, based on correct behavior , thinking and scientific meditation practices that lays the groundwork for the full Kundalini experience to finally "rise" upward in its perfect balance and power, piercing the various centers until reaching the crown of the head, resulting in union with the Divine, Nirvana, liberation, Samadhi , Self-realization or cosmic consciousness. Accompanying this state of consciousness is the expansion of consciousness into the whole universe. Proving to the aspirant soul or spirit that we are not the limited physical body. In ancient eastern philosophy the creation must eventually after many thousands of incarnations in human form eventually evolve through self effort into consciousness perfection and merge back into the creator.
lord shiva with chakras

The chakras are merely a gateway for such a transition. When this liberating and rare event occurs to one while living it qualify’s her or him for the respectful title of “Master” as they are finally a master of their subservient material body. Many Gurus or living Masters when asked to grant Samadhi to their disciples have conveyed the fact that the disciple is not yet ready on account of not being able or prepared for the dramatic increase in kundalini voltage. Hence the training and preparation for consciousness expansion via the chakras can take many years or several lifetimes. Before we are able to control the energy in the spine and its journey through the chakras and nadis. It is helpful to realize that while unrealized we are subject to ignorance and duality and are thus greatly influenced by the planetary positions. The Moon physically influences the body by affecting the Chakras and, through them, the mind. The mind moves as a result of the stimulation of the Chakras. As the Moon waxes or wanes, the mind is influenced. For this reason, people with mental problems are found to suffer more severely on the full-moon and new-moon days. More crimes, public disturbances and mental breakdowns occur on these days.

This fact may be verified by hospitals and police stations. Even those of us who are strong in body and mind are unknowingly affected. We are dragged along by the forces of Nature or the influencing thoughts of our immediate environment. But a person, who understands the effect, and uses it to empower her/his life, may be said to be practicing Yoga which involves control and practice the yamas and niyamas. And not necessarily the postures of hatha yoga that are also great aid to health.

In Buddhism and Hinduism the chakras are symbolized as flowers. In our human undeveloped state the chakras are like flower buds waiting to blossom or be opened. Though the consciousness shift from certain drugs can open these flowers the consequent physiological and electrical damage that is done to the petals when they retract can be so great that weather on or before the spiritual path it is very very important to avoid the damage of such substance abuse. And this of course includes the popularized cannabis.

“The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.” Revelation 1:20

lord shiva with chakras

Renowned rishies have purported that the above passage from the bible refers to the chakras.

The seven chakras are in alignment with the spine starting with the crown chakra at the top of the head down to the base chakra at the base of the spine. Physiologically speaking, the chakras are located close to where groups of nerves meet to form nerve centers. Each chakra is also associated with an endocrine gland. Each person is surrounded by an electromagnetic field, and this field is called an aura. The aura is created by the electrical body that is directed and influenced by the karmic recordings being played out by the chakras. Often when are aura is darkened it can be because of negative past karma playing it self out via the planetary stimuli to our chakras. The planets act as a catalyst to bring up past karma via our resonating chakras and this can be predicted and evaluated in the Indian Vedic horoscope and not the western horoscope. Astrological gemstones and metals when touching the skin in the right quality and weight can lessen or nullify the effect of negative planetary stimuli. This in turn can greatly lessen inconvenience or suffering in our life and help us on our path. For helpful information on which gemstones are best suited to your karmic pattern, A free personalized Vedic horoscope can be obtained online from

Paramahansa Yogananda also wrote in the “Autobiography of a Yogi”

“The reaction of the stars to the human body and mind is very subtle. The astral forces radiating to the earth from the heavens interact with those in the spinal centers that sustain man's body. Ignorant man does not realize how body and mind are changed though his good and bad actions, and how his actions affect- positively or negatively- the centers of the spine. Persons whose bodies and minds and material environment are out of order, the result of transgressions of spiritual law, have inharmony between the energies of the spinal centers and those radiating from the twelve signs of the zodiac.”

Also excerpted from “God talks with Arjuna” by Paramahansa Yogananda which is his modern day narration of The Bhagavad-Gita?

“Planets and stars of themselves have no conscious power to guide or determine the destiny of man. But as the whole universe consists of and is held in existence by Nature's creative vibratory power, each individual unit radiates a characteristic electromagnetic vibration that links it with other units in the cosmos. Depending on the interaction, these vibrations are productive of good or ill. Man is a miniature of the universe in which he lives. His basic composition - of which his physical body is merely a gross manifestation - is his astral body formed from the thoughts of God and structured around and from the creative forces and consciousness in the spiritual eye and the subtle cerebrospinal centers (chakras). The spiritual eye has a correspondence with the cosmic sun; and the six - twelve by polarity - spinal centers (medullary, cervical, dorsal, lumbar, sacral, and coccygeal plexuses) correspond to planetary influences representing by the twelve zodiacal signs of astrology. The astrological stars of a person are nothing but an environment he himself has chosen by the karmic pattern he has fashioned by his past-life actions. According to his karmic pattern he is attracted to be reborn on earth at a given time that is favorable to the fulfillment of that pattern. In that sense, astrology is only a very poor way of finding out what one's past karma is. It is at best an unsure art when practiced by those who lack divine intuitive perception.”

And again from the chapter called "Outwitting the Stars." In the “Autobiography of a Yogi”

“In any case, it is not the stars themselves that control the happening in man's life but rather his individual karma that, when ripe for fruition, is affected beneficially or adversely by the electromagnetic vibrations of the heavenly bodies. The reaction of the stars to the human body and mind is very subtle. The astral forces radiating to the earth from the heavens interact with those in the spinal centers (Chakras) that sustain man's body. Ignorant man does not realize how body and mind are changed through his good and bad actions, and how his actions affect - positively or negatively - the centers of the spine. Persons whose bodies and minds and material environment are out of order, the result of transgressions of spiritual law, have inharmony between the energies of the spinal centers and those radiating from the twelve signs of the zodiac. “ “The true science of astrology, therefore, is mathematics of one's own actions, not the mathematics of the brainless stars. Karma governs the stars and one's destiny, but karma is governed by one's willpower. What is to be does not necessarily have to be.”

lord shiva with chakras

Our real horoscope resides in the chakras and the paper horoscope is but a written reflection equating our karmic strengths and weakness to planetary stimuli. It also indicates when those tendencies and events are likely to manifest. Because of our past actions and thoughts in past lives as well as in this, we may have weakened or strengthened our chakras receptivity to needed planetary radiations. If we haven't strengthened our karmic matrix through living a physically, mentally and spiritually strengthening life, then our destined weakness will not be greatly counteracted. We are influenced much more by these remotely pervading radiations if we have not redirected our lifestyle and habits in a positive manner that can act as a shield against upcoming challenges. Healthy mental and physical habits, wisdom directed willpower, astrological gemstones touching the skin, the blessings of any true fully realized saint that can be contacted via sincere prayer. And especially correct meditation practices that are suggested by any true Master. All act to strengthen our resilience to the unbalancing influence of the negative astrological phenomena interacting with our chakras...

For more information on the subject of spiritual evolution and the chakras, a two volume treatise by Paramahansa Yogananda called God Talks to Arjuna on the Royal Science of God-realization via his interpretation of The Bhagavad-Gita Gita is an excellent resource. Kundalini Yoga by Sri Swami Sivananda. Is also an excellent resource on how the different branches of Yoga can help in the search for spiritual growth and enlightenment. Chakras are also referred to in the ancient literature of the Vedas, the later Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and most thoroughly in the 16th century by an Indian yogi in a text called the Sat-Chakra-Nirupana.

Books by Swami Sivananda, Paramahansa Yogananda, Amma, Vivekananda and Sri Chinmoy have excellent guidance for Chakra purification.

lord shiva with chakras lord shiva with chakras


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