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We are excited to say that we are now better able to serve those in India and Asia through our new office in Jaipur, India. For more information, contact us at: or by phone: 760 704 8400

Resonance to Invisible Frequencies

Quantum physics has proven that all matter is composed of light waves, which have frozen into different types of patterns. Light itself is divided into the spectrum of colors we are all familiar with (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet). Our physical bodies, electrical bodies, and consciousness all emanate light in an invisible manner.

Our intelligent physical body knows how to optimize the use of vitamins and minerals in the food we eat. Our electrical body likewise knows how to optimize its vitality field through selectively supplementing its electrical signature via the frequencies of the color spectrum. This is like the physical body being slightly deficient in iron and thus we feel a craving for iron rich foods such as leafy green vegetables. It is important to realize you cannot have electricity without its accompanying frequency waves. Science has discovered that we have an electrical body, and that body has waves. We can thrive via electromagnetic supplementation of deeply colored crystal frequency interaction.

The geometrical laser-like alignment of the spinning and colored electrons in the crystal structure radiate outwards into the area of skin contact which then flows into the entire electrical body.

Similar to choosing the right type and quality of food we give our physical bodies, to be vibrantly healthy, one can offer the electrical body the option for it to choose intelligently which array of required frequencies it will thrive upon. The perfectly grown crystals in our Frequency Bangles have a spectrum of benign colored frequencies, which many individuals attest to having a powerful uplifting effect on their wellbeing. Unfortunately, not everyone can tangibly feel the uplifting influences created by the Frequency Bangle and because of this we offer a 31 day money back guarantee to avoid any misunderstandings.

quartz power bracelet

Celebrating Over 30 Years in Business

As the founder and manager of, I have been in a unique situation for the last 30 years. No one else on the planet has had the opportunity I've had to witness firsthand the impact of making over 2,600 ayurvedic astrological nine-gem bangles. No other manufacturer of custom nine-gem bangles (navaratnas) has made even one tenth the number I have. It's been an honor and a privilege to occupy such a role, and it has inspired me to much deep thought on the function of gemstones in karmic mitigation or nullification. I feel a responsibility to use the knowledge I have accrued through empirical observation and testimonial feedback to see if the gem crystal talisman system can be greatly improved.

As a yoga meditation practitioner under the precepts of Paramahansa Yogananda, sitting two or three times daily for the last 33 years, I have deeply pondered the criteria by which the rishis first selected the nine gems of the navaratna as being useful to the benefit of humanity. Over the years this has led me to numerous experiments making nine gem bangles with all kinds of gemstones and in different ways. Only consciousness can measure consciousness, and it is with thousands of observations by my clients and my own personal sensitivity to this wonderful gem science that after all these years I feel like whispering the grand Eureka with much inner jubilation.

After making countless expensive nine gem bangles in the Vedic tradition, I believe I have developed a multi-gem bangle that is potently effective at a much lower cost. This process did not happen easily and I have invested a tremendous amount of effort and research in developing a more powerful tool to mitigate karma and improve concentration in meditation. Where a typical navaratna might cost $5,000, this bangle can be made for under $1,000 and might be five times as effective. This is a brave claim to make, and the world is full of fantastical claims from persons who've elected themselves legends in their own minds. Being a person of a very scientific nature myself, I greatly respect those who would be skeptical of such a statement. But then again I am offering a full  31 day money back guarantee if the wearer does not feel a significant  improvement to their mental clarity , well being or  meditation in the first 31 days of wearing it. But first let's read the explanation.

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The Limitation of Natural Gemstones

I have been greatly impressed with the resuts one can get from nine gem bangles in the Vedic tradition, having made so many with my company But natural gemstones have limitations. One of them is the fact that they are often very small. Many who've studied ayurvedic astrological gemstones will be familiar with the comment by the great yoga master Swami Sri Yukteswar, quoted in the Autobiography of a Yogi. “Best of all are faultless gems of not less than two carats.” So at two carats of weight the gems are just beginning to have an effect and larger gemstones would be preferable. The trouble is that if one wanted a really powerful blue sapphire, it would cost a king's ransom to purchase one over five carats for example. And in my experience, most of my clients are obliged to settle for one under three carats.

Large Frequency Bangle

The next limitation is the color. A three carat deep cornflower blue sapphire without inclusions can easily stretch to $800 a carat or more, a price high enough to dissuade even a sincere prospective client. And most of what is provided by the mine is not the deep rainbow-tone color we would like.
The ancient rishis who suggested this gem recipe as a protective talisman are believed to have been of the same consciousness as great saints like Paramahansa Yogananda, Ammachi, or Sivananda. So deep was their intuitive insight into the cosmic pattern, that they pursued paths in many directions to shorten humanity's exile from its true higher nature. One of those methodologies was to change the electromagnetic signature of a person through the use of gemstones and metal bangles. And as mentioned above, after more than 30 years of extensive research, I believe I have discovered the best and most beneficial gem bangle yet created. The wonderful thing about this bangle is that it's moderately affordable, and I have enough confidence in it to offer a 31 day money back guarantee of its efficacy. If the wearer's consciousness is not altered in a benign manner, if he or she doesn't experience an upward consciousness shift, they can return it for a full refund. My first priority is to promote this electromagnetic talisman as an aid to concentration in meditation. Based on experience I believe the clarity of mind will be much more tangible to a person who practices daily meditation. And as I consider the practice of effective meditation techniques to be the most important activity in this muddled age, I have flattered this bangle with the name “the Frequency Bangle.” In the beginning I was referring to it as the Power Bangle, but after experiencing the extraordinary increase in calm concentration while meditating I decided that Frequency Bangle was more fitting.

There are many books on the subject of astrological gems. However, their claims of experience and empirical observation pertain to wearing one or two gems and how they interface with one's horoscope. Many of them seem to me just copycats of earlier books, lacking in truly innovative research. Without wanting to be too critical, I would like to state that the study of multi-gem bangles, especially the nine-gem bangle or navaratna, is a very different science. In my view no book covers the subject in any great detail, and the only extensive text material on the subject can be found at Though my essays on that site have been copied by many, I have purposely declined to put my writings on this subject into book form, as I would rather save the trees and offer this important knowledge for free.

The above video presents more information on the theory behind how laboratory grown crystals can greatly enhance
your electrical body and consciousness, when worn in a way that allows for wide skin contact with deeply colored gems.

How was the Frequency Bangle developed?

The big question now is, why and how did my research lead me to discover the amazing Frequency Bangle. Here is some of the reasoning.
We know that the rishis, in identifying the primary planetary gemstones, selected mineral crystal materials that in terms of hardness are found in the top 2% of the entire mineral kingdom. For example, the diamond for Venus is the hardest naturally-occurring mineral known to us. And the red sapphire (ruby), yellow sapphire, and blue sapphire (for the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn respectively) are only a little lower on the hardness scale. The emerald for Mercury and the chrysoberyl cat's eye for Ketu are also quite high, in the 7.5 to 8 .5 range on the Mohs scale of hardness, and it is hard for a gemologist to think of a handful of others that can be harder. So from this we can deduce that hardness is a critical amplifier to a gemstone's resonance.
The next consideration is color. The Rishis recommended ruby for the Sun and ruby is actually red sapphire. They also recommended yellow sapphire for Jupiter and blue sapphire for Saturn. Color is a defining chromatic frequency in the electro -magnetic spectrum. So these three planets all correspond to a gemstone in the corundum sapphire family and the only difference is in their color. This would leave the investigator to surmise that hardness and color are two of the defining factors for a gemstone.

Swami Sri Yukteswar stated that gemstones only begin to be effective at a minimum two carats of weight. That authoritative weight limitation was given in the must-read spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. Because size is a defining factor of effectiveness, even for an ultra clean, faultless cut crystal gem, at Astrogems we have always tried to acquire the largest gems for the best price, often setting larger unpolished crystals instead of symmetrical faceted gemstones. We came to this approach because of repeated feedback from clients as our experiments with gemstones found the bigger ones to be more effective.

So to recap: the main indicators for a powerful gem crystal talisman are hardness, faultless as possible, deep rainbow color tone, and size.

The main indicators for a powerful gem crystal talisman are: hardness, faultless as possible, deep rainbow color tone, and size. Most important is having a large area of firm, continuous contact with the skin.

However there are still other important considerations. Imperative is a large area of firm, continuous contact with the skin. A gemstone is not very effective if it barely touches the skin as in a ring, or if it bounces around as in a pendant. The gemstone should be comfortably seated into the skin with the broadest face of the gem making good contact. Remember with astrological or ayurvedic jewelry, the jewelry is merely an instrument of electromagnetic transfer. Good conduction and stable contact are essential for an effective talisman. For these purposes the concept of the jewelry being an attractive piece is a secondary consideration.

Rectangular Frequency Bangle

Another major consideration (and this is where the skills of a gemologist who has studied ayurvedic gemstones are important) is that the cut crystal material must never have been enhanced in a manner that bends or fuses the molecular crystal lattice of the original crystal. Increasingly in my 30 years of studying gems, it seems that Man never tires of his ingenuity to enhance the beauty of a gemstone by destroying its original atomic lattice. This effectively kills the ability of the crystal material to allow the transfer of electron energy along the alignment of its molecules. Of course this doesn't really matter from a cosmetic jewelry point of view. But to the gems' ability to transfer electromagnetic radiation, it is essential that they are in a laser-like alignment and do not have inclusions or fractures blocking the flow of energy.

The most powerful ayurvedic bangle ever made when compared to the low cost

Large Frequency Bangle

In light of the principal considerations summarized above, I would like to point out that the bangle in the adjacent photographs is the most powerful ayurvedic bangle ever made when compared to the low cost, in my experience. It is the result of years of research and experimentation. And though the influence of gemstones on the mind is a subtle experience for many, this bangle has been shown to give a noticeable benefit to the wearer's calm and concentration during meditation, and helps the wearer go deeper into their technique.

Unenhanced gems have remarkable powers but are limited by small size and lack of strong rainbow-toned colors, unless one has procured extremely expensive stones. The Frequency Bangle overcomes that through the use of large cut crystal specimens. The volume of a cut quartz gem in this bangle (with a Mohs hardness of seven) is 50 times the size of a three carat cut sapphire. This makes for a dramatic leverage of electromagnetic energy resonance. This is the most affordable ayurvedic gem tool that I have ever been able to make.

yoga upper arm bangle

Edgar Cayce suggested amethyst for assisting in meditation and the amethyst purple quartz in this bangle is about the biggest that one is likely to see as a jewelry piece. In the Frequency Bangle it is approximately 1.5 inches long and 15/16ths of an inch wide. And even though quartz has a low specific gravity, it still weighs in at around 60 carats.

To my knowledge a set of faultless, deep rainbow-colored cut crystals designed for maximum skin contact has never before been made available. This is a project years in the making, and this is the first time that a bangle with over 360 carats of faultless gemstones has been offered since the time of Atlantis.

Of course I do not expect everyone who reads this to be completely convinced that the Frequency Bangle is everything I claim it to be, and for that reason I offer a 100 % money back guarantee, allowing the client to wear it for a full 31 days from the date of delivery from date of delivery. If you are not completely satisfied, just send it back in an insured package to get a full refund less shipping costs. This offer is available to residents of the United States and Canada most other countries of the world.

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